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More than a Tour Guide...

“If there is another person on planet Earth who can do a better job of making architecture, paintings, etchings, sculptures, etc. accessible, such a person has yet to be found. Dr. Perlove's explanations are lucid, appropriately emotional, aesthetically and logically compelling. I find it hard to think up enough glowing, positive adjectives to describe Dr. Perlove as an instructor and interpreter of art and a tour guide. In addition, her sense of humor is incomparable, and enhances the entire tone of the tour. Overall, she is singular, exemplary, and unequaled.”   

(tour participant to Paris)

For the Discerning Traveler

Dr. Perlove has been successfully leading premier tours of the great European cities for over 25 years. For the discerning traveler with a passion for art, history, architecture, culture, and learning, these tours offer the ease of group travel with daily guided tours by one of the world’s most knowledgeable and engaging lecturers.   

Each trip includes a detailed itinerary personally designed by Dr. Perlove to include the must-see cultural attractions of each destination, and yet allows ample opportunity for free time to explore the city on your own. In addition, through her international contacts in the art world, Perlove’s tours often include private visits to many of the world’s top museums and cultural sites with access otherwise unavailable to tourists.  Highlights from previous trips include private tours of the Louvre, Prado, Rembrandt House, Van Gogh Museum and Rubens House during hours the museums were closed to the public, allowing Perlove’s group to literally have the museums to itself, without fighting crowds. 

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Trip Benefits

-Tours include the use of individual headsets so you can always hear comfortably, even during outdoor tours.

-Daily group tours with on-site lectures led by Dr. Perlove

-Ample free time for additional site seeing, shopping, meals, exploring...

-Additional group social and cultural events (banquets, wine and cheese tastings, concerts, etc.)

-Flexibility to extend your trip or add cities on your own, as arranged directly with the group travel agent or on your own

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